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Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam

Are you in Amsterdam and looking to spend a luxuriant night filled with passion?


1. Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam


Then you should definitely try Hotel Jakarta. Situated on the IJ river, in a former location which served as some sort of harbour for ships that sailed to Jakarta, this 4 Stars Hotel, is ideal for a romantic night in the company of one of our EliteDolls companions.  With a unique architecture outdoor as well as indoor, hotel Jakarta will make you travel and experience a twist of Indonesia, due to its rain forest interior design. 

This hotel has a mesmerizing panoramic view over the IJ river, where you can relax and enjoy a glass of champagne while our lady will make her best to keep you entertained and fully excited by performing a striptease show in front of you.  

Just imagine yourself, sitting on a comfortable chair, while you enjoy your favourite beverage, and a sexy long-legged high class doll performing luscious moves. What can be more beautiful than the sunset panoramic view over the river, in a very cosy environment, pouring champagne and a lot of candles in the company of a sexy escort? Let go of your daily routine cause stress and worries will be long gone. Give yourself a treat and choose the best erotic experience you’ve had.


Okay, you have already booked your companion, but have you ever thought of places to visit with…