Silver, Gold


  • 1 hour
    • 160 EUR
    • 177 USD
    • 142 GBP
    • 173 CHF
  • 2 hours
    • 320 EUR
    • 355 USD
    • 284 GBP
    • 346 CHF
  • 3 hours
    • 450 EUR
    • 499 USD
    • 400 GBP
    • 486 CHF


  • 1 hour
    • 200 EUR
    • 222 USD
    • 178 GBP
    • 216 CHF
  • 2 hours
    • 400 EUR
    • 444 USD
    • 355 GBP
    • 432 CHF
  • 3 hours
    • 600 EUR
    • 665 USD
    • 533 GBP
    • 648 CHF
  • Overnight (VIP 8 hours)
    • 1300 EUR
    • 1,441 USD
    • 1,154 GBP
    • 1,405 CHF

We offer you VIP companions, specially selected to provide you with the best Escort Service experience. Our models are, besides their gorgeous appearance, refiened ladies who are willing to offer premium services and to comply with all your fantasies. The pricing structure contains also four types of currencies.

Our pricing list is divided in two main options, such as: Silver and Gold. Check our models section and find the correspondent pricing badge for your favourite lady.  The travel fee is included for both main groups.  Please note, that our pricing structure is designed because all models of our High Class Escort Service are self-employed and therefore, have different prices for the premium escort services they provide. 

For any additional extra service, the prices can suffer a slight modification. For any additional information, regarding your high-class EliteDolls companion, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, whatsapp or SMS. We are always  at your service so you can enjoy a luxury escort service experience. 

IMPORTANT! We reserve the right to charge a deposit fee of 50% for the confirmation of the reservation, in order to avoid fake reservations, which will be deducted from the final amount.  The deposit fee can be paid by tikkie (applicable only for dutch bank account) or using VISA, MasterCard or Revolut. Please, remember that any cancelation of the reservation can be made for free with a 2 hours notice before the booked date hour. The deposit fee will be reimbursed if the cancelation is made in advance with at least 2 hours before. For any cancelation made without a 2 hours notice, the deposit fee for the reservation will not be reimbursed.