All fees must be paid directly to the escort within the first ten minutes of the booking in  cash for EUR.USD, GBP and CHF or Credit Card. If you wish to pay in an other currency then please let us know before the start of the booking. Please inform our operators on the preffered method of payment when placing the booking. 

Cash payment

The payment will be handed to your escort companion in an anvelope, in fixed bancnotes, at the beginning of the meeting. Remember, that the girl will not be carrying money so she is not able to give you any amount back. Make sure you have the fixed amount upfront. We DO NOT accept bancnotes bigger than 100 EUR, for security reasons. Please give time to the girl at the beginning to count the money discreetly.

Can I pay in another currency than EURO?

Yes, you can pay in USD, GBP and CHF. Please note the we do NOT use the internet rate due to the fact that it is never the rate that the lady revives at the exchange bureau. Moreover, the comissions required by the Dutch exchange bureaus, are higher that the ones in your home country. In addition to this you will have to pay an extra 10% on top to cover the lady’s taxi fare to and from the exchange shops and any potential fluctuations in the exchange rate. If you do not want to pay this additional fee then we strongly encourage you to exchange the money yourself and pay the lady in the local currency (EUR).

Can I pay with the Credit Card?

Yes, of course! We accept all major credit card companies. For all bookings that are longer than an extended overnight then full payment should be made by bank transfer as it is not really fair to expect the lady to return home carrying an unnecessarily large sum of cash in her handbag.  An additional surcharge of 20% on top will be applied to cover the comissions for the credit card processor.

What will show on my bank statement if I want to use my Credit Card?

Billing is done discreetly, so you will not need to worry about having on your statement something that can compromise your personal life. We know your privacy is important and therefore, we will take care of that 100%. 

Is the taxi of the girl included or do I need to pay extra?

All the hourly fees are displayed without the taxi fare. The taxi costs are marked separately and displayed on each profile. The taxi fare together with the minimum booking time are only informative, and they can fluctuate, depending on the area you are, the number of hours you want to book, etc.  Taxi fare of 40 EUR can be added to the hourly rate to see what's the total cost you will have to pay for areas like Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem, Diemen, Amstelveen, Bussum.  Please inform our operators of your location and we will help you calculate the total cost of your reservation, no hidden costs.