Age: 22 Hair: Blond Eyes: blue Height: 165 Weight: 51 Cup Size: 80C
Language: English


What is your deepest desire, your dark wish that you secretly want it to come true? Tell me what's on your mind, baby boy, and I will accomplish everything you want. My name is Jana and I am a young, experienced escort with golden, soft hair and eyes blue like the sky. I am not that tall, I am only 165 cm, but I adore wearing high-heels so the height will not be a problem, as well as my weight: I have only 51 kg.

I am very sensual and all our sessions will be filled with passion and intimacy. I am the perfect choice for a GFE because I am everything that man wants. I am intelligent, sociable, easy-going, talkative and very friendly. We will talk about any subject that crosses your mind: economy, politics, fashion, movies, celebrity gossip and other topics.

I will provide you a session full of kisses, cuddling, sensual touches, erotic massage and flirting. If you are that kind of sky man, you can even try your hooking skills on me and I will tell you what you need to do to improve yourself.

Our session will not be ordinary; I will make sure that you are getting the best treatment. I will start with a sexy striptease show, including an amazing lap dance. This way, I will prepare you for the night that follows. You need to trust me and I will make your night unforgettable. Stop wasting time! Call and book me and let me take care of you and of your deepest fantasies.